Male Physique Training Templates: (FAQ)

Question: What are the differences between these templates and the PL Hypertrophy or Weightlifting Hypertrophy templates?
Answer: If you compete in powerlifting, you want the PL Hypertrophy templates. If you compete in weightlifting (or want to get better at weightlifting) you want the Weightlifting Hypertrophy templates.
If you don’t compete in a specific sport, these physique templates are right up your alley. These can be used by physique competitors, regular fitness enthusiasts, or CrossFit athletes looking to add in hypertrophy training to their regimen.

Question: What if I want to emphasize multiple body parts at once?
Answer: In that case, we recommend the full body option. If you want to emphasize another body part, it will require a separate template purchase.

Question: What does the body part emphasis mean?
Answer: Quite simply, if you pick a body part emphasis, it means the volume goes up on that particular body part while the volume for the other body part goes down (to minimum effective amounts). It does not mean the workouts are only for that body part (ex – full body means you split volume equally for your entire body and it does not imply you are doing full body workouts each day).
Question: Can I use these templates at a CF gym or “globo” gym?
Answer: You can use these templates at a CF gym or a “globo” gym. If you use a CF gym for these, your exercise selection is limited due to lack of machines, but they’re still very effective without machines. If you work out at a “globo” gym, the templates will provide more variation of exercise selection. By “globo” gym, we mean most traditional gyms that have free weights and machines (think 24 hr Fitness).
Question: How / when will I receive my product?
Answer: All digital RP products can now be downloaded at the time of purchase, we no longer email them to you.
Confirmation emails are sent out shortly after your order is completed. Please be sure to check your spam, promotions, or updates folder as sometimes our emails are sent there.
Fun fact: You can re-download any product you've previously purchased from the Downloads page of your RP account portal (accessible once you log into your account).

Question: Does this work in other programs besides Excel?
Answer: It might work in other programs, but we can only guarantee full functionality in an updated version of MS Excel. NOTE: On Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc) full functionality may require an Office 365 subscription, as the free version may not render template contents as expected. 

Question: Do you offer refunds?
Answer: There are no refunds on our templates or ebooks. All sales are final. No exceptions. 



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