How to update/change your schedule

You are able to make any changes to your lifestyle as you are going through the diet. That includes moving your sleep hours, changing or removing workouts, adding busy periods, and moving meals. 



You may make changes at any time to your schedule:

Then just navigate back to your home page and eat the meals you have left for that day when they come up. Don't worry about the meals you already ate.

To Update the day:
1. Select the day you wish to update, and click "Update Day"


2. Choose whether you want to make a recurring change (this change will apply to this day of the week throughout the diet) or a one-off change (this is a change for a single day) 

3. Make the changes you want to make (here you can add or move a workout, change sleep times, add busy times) Once finished, click "Preview" 
4. On the Preview screen, you will be able to see the changes made, and how it changes the day. Screen_Shot_2021-05-24_at_12.24.03_PM.png

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