Setting up your diet: Building Meals

Because this is a coaching app and not a tracking app, this feature of the RP Diet Coach app is for planning purposes, and not for tracking. This means that the meals are of what is recommended, and not of what was actually consumed. The meals are still tracked via the check-in function of the app. Please see our meal check-in article: How meal check-ins work

We recommend that you please choose the number of meals you’d like to eat on a specific  day of the week. 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 meals per day are all effective strategies and the difference in your results from choosing any one of them will be very minimal. The most important factor in which one you pick should be convenience and sustainability. 

Meal Building Tutorial: 

One thing to keep in mind; When the option of raw/cooked is not listed, all measurements are in the raw state. 


Note: The RP Diet Coach app counts carbs as total carbohydrates minus fiber. Please check out this article. How does the app count carbs?


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